UnterwegsUnterwegs– the Transart Institute graduate thesis exhibition will open to the public on Saturday July 23 from 18h-22h, featuring the artwork of 19 artists from around the world.

In the garden will be temporary structures by the iceboat maker Quint Welters from the Netherlands. Emily Cappa and Christine Serchia deal with the subtle traces and markings of everyday life. Interactive work by Damon Ayers with his guillotine silhouette making contraption and two separate sensor reactive video installations by Migdalia Luz Barens-Vera and Daniel Arnaldo Román. Behailu Bezabih from Ethiopia works with the history of graffiti craved into discarded wooden school desks while Cheryl Hirshman mediates the cultural significance of knitting. Victoria Estok uses sound for activist interventions and Christopher Van Donkelaar uses environmental resources as his tool of choice. Judy Mazzucco takes the viewer into the aisle of barn life; Christopher Barrett creates an aural experience in the woods while Magda Biernat takes the audience seaside. Diverse work dealing with the body from Lilliam Nieves, Dominique Rey and Lauren Tietz’s dance based video. The mockumentary film by Matt Wyatt “Tokyo Rice Kings” premieres and rounds out the show.

Don’t miss the special one night Vernissage performance of Karl Nussbaum, as he manipulates large aerial silks of a storyboard. Other performances feature Canadians Steven Evans intimate monologue and Dominique Rey’s surreal characters, also a musical set by Matt Wyatt from Japan.

Tacos Berlin will be serving up yummy Mexican food at the Vernissage.

Artists: Behailu Bezabih~Cheryl Hirshman~ Christine Serchia~Christopher Barrett~Christopher Van Donkelaar~Damon Ayers~Daniel Arnaldo Román~Dominique Rey~Emily Cappa~Judy Mazzucco~Karl Nussbaum ~Lauren Tietz~Lilliam Nieves~Magda Biernat~Matt Wyatt~Migdalia Luz Barens-Vera~Quint Welters~Steven Evans~Victoria Estok

Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Tuesday-Sunday 14h-20h
Thursdays open late until 22h for special events
Exhibition: July 24-August 12, 2011
Opening/ Vernissage: July 23, 18h-22h

This exhibition is produced by Co-Verlag