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The Genetic Perfection of Retraktor: an interview

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Trance Liquido: Hello, firstly we would like to congratulate you for your amazing work with the new album and thanks for the time to answer our questions.

Milton C. Sanchez AKA Retraktor: “It is my pleasure and thank you for your time”.

When was Retractor created and where?

Retractor was created by Milton C Sanchez and Anthony Stuart in 2003 with the idea to reach two goals. To be recognized as the 1st EBM Industrial Band from Puerto Rico and to be signed with a European Label overseas. All of the original recordings, from our 1st Album Retractor “No Resistance” were created in Fort Lauderdale Fl. We completed all the mastering and final tracks in 2004.

The new album Genetic Perfection is more rhythmically and texture rich. Does that mean that you are stepping out of the Industrial scene?

No, actually I was trying to do something different in 2010. I got tired of the cookie monster vocals. This year, I will go more dark wave, More cybergoth, evil disco, with less  elements of French electro . I don’t know will see, something fresh that I haven’t done yet.

It have a strong take on gothic rock without sacrificing the dark electro that in a way is your trademark. What inspires you to do an album like this?

Well I have always been fascinated with electronic, trance, house, and drum & bass, besides EBM, Goth, and Industrial. 2008 and 2009 was an era for electro and until this day is still very popular. Two bands that caught my attention were Gabriel and Dresden and The Presets. From that influence, I decided to get to work and combine many ideas from both worlds .

I see some influences on Wumpscut on the new album. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Yes, I’m glad you can tell. Especially on track no.2 “Speeder” from Genetic Perfection. I like the Wumpswcut and Project Pitchfork vocals. From that point I decided to combine both styles on dry vocals with harmonies and accentuation.

The Genetic Perfection of Retraktor: an interviewWhich bands have influenced your music?

I come from the old school so anything new I basically view as going for the same purpose of what Retractor is also trying to reach. Combine the old stuff with the modern. My main influences are Front242, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy, I miss what to me really changed everything, which was The New Beat Era!

How do you see the Industrial-EBM  scene nowadays?

Well it’s changing and recycling it self in a better way. I see many bands doing the same step and implementing the same elements that Retractor did. That is a good thing. In that way, I don’t feel alone . In the other hand, I see the scene is getting smaller. Most of all the dark electro bands are disappearing, and some of them have stepped in a different direction. Dark Electro died a long time ago as well as hard techno. But it’s time to write better music and to keep things alive.

And in Puerto Rico? Do you think that there is a possibility that we can have a truly industrial scene that appeals to all club goers? Or do you think that music boundaries take a toll on it for good?

Puerto Rico always had a small new wave and industrial scene since the 80’s. I remember the days of  Italo Disco at  the Flying Saucer,  New Beat at Jc teens, Neons old San Juan, Mad House Party’s, Lazer, Words four two, No you Turn, Neo England, Cronn, Descojon Urbano, Burning Face, South Of  No North, Party Time, Mecano, KonKan, Vogue, Metropolis in Santurce.

These were all the influences in those times for us, and I think no matter what happens today, the finger print will prevail for ever.

Today there  is always someone doing a small party with friends or a fetish party. Bands always touring in Puerto Rico. I try to catch up with the scene on the Island.  I performed for an event put together by Richard from Radio Clandestina in 2004 as Les Anges De La Nuit. And I performed for an event put together by Nelson Fontanez from Alto Dominio at the EIM fest in Puerto Rico in 2006 as Retractor. I saw the changes in taste and how people relate to each other, from good to bad. And from bad to good.

The scene and the union of artist and promoters have disappeared.  It’s like this were ever I go. This music called Industrial is negative, depressing and sad and that’s the reality. Sometimes It destroys friendships, but we all love the personal escape, the fascinating dream in the clubs, Dancing and the sounds that comforts our souls. I stick to that!

I still cannot find a band playing the style of music you do in Puerto Rico. Its a shame because if they exist that means the media is not doing anything to give them an opportunity. It is the same in the states?

I know for a fact there is! And there were bands like us, but they stopped doing what they were good at.

For example: Many Spaiat and Roland from “Cronn”, great techno industrial band in the late 80’s , Jose Roman from “Descojon Urbano” great band from the 90’s that is still active, Millo and Jose from “Burning Face” great goth industrial band in the late 80’s. Nelson Fontanez from “Darknel “great experimental Avant Garde Music from the late 90’s. And recently “19th Rage” great Dark Electro band, but the members split up, I know couple of bands doing other stuff but I can not recall it !

Yes, it’s a shame because Mexico has a great Scene, good bands and good promoters. Even though they are a Latin and poor country.

The media there will always support what ever is rock, house, ballads, pop, electro, industrial, salsa, merengue, reggaeton. There should be more serious people like you in Puerto Rico, promoting more bands, arts and fashion from Europe in the Island. I can’t wait for someone to bring me back to the Island to perform again. I think it’s going to get better eventually. Time will decide.

Are you satisfied with the local press and radios according your promotion as a band?

I really don’t focus on media that practices payola. They only promote the money- not the music. I’m independent now, and I do everything myself. Radio,”Shout Cast”, Locally  I do “Flyers, I dj at clubs, Gigs , Overseas :Sales, Web, Interviews and Reviews . And Yes I’m Happy with my work as self promoted artist. Not the best, but efficient.

Tell us about your collaborations with bands such as Combichrist, Dawn of Ashes and Psyclone 9?

For Combichrist I did one Remix – Compilation –Extreme Measures 2007 Track-“This is my riffle” Retractor mix. I also opened the line up in a live performance in 2005 here in Fort Lauderdale. For Psyclone 9, I opened the line up in a live performance. Once in 2004 and in 2005 in West Palm Beach. We meet for the third time at Wave Gothic Treffen 2006. Good guys, they let me use some of their equipment. For Dawn of Ashes, we did a remix exchange. “Possessions v. Fetish Decay” in 2005.

What is Les Anges De La Nuit and what differentiates it from Retractor?

Back in 2003 I started a project with Anthony called Morph. When Richard joined the band to add more ideas we changed the name of the band to Les Anges De La Nuit.

Retractor is more EBM and a more aggressive sound. LADLN is more future pop and hi-energy sound.

What other projects are you involved besides Les Anges De La Nuit?

Right now, I have a Hermonic project in progress doing electro and minimal. Also, I have a very experimental project called Moonslave Project, I will say, not solid and well recognized as Retractor and Les Anges De La Nuit. Also I did a similar project, Fury 161 with Jason Litsinger, We later changed the name to Life Like, but we dropped the ball on this project.

How are you visualizing in the future?

I will love to perform live more often. Especially in Puerto Rico and in other Latin countries, I will move on with more music as long as I can. I’m getting ready for a new Album release in 2011.

Thank you very much Milton, I wish you all the best.

No… Thank you, same as you!

RETRACTOR ……………End …….of………..Transmission……………

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