The Harvard-MIT Puerto Rico Caucus presents the Conference:
Restoring Economic Growth in Puerto Rico
April 20, 21 2007 Keynote Speakers: Antonio Garcia Padilla (President University of Puerto Rico) and Richard Carrion (Chairman, Popular Inc)

5pm Saturday 1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Bldg.
Harvard Univeristy

Moderator: Carmen Oquendo-Villar
PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Ana Maria Viscasillas
Executive Director, Puerto Rico Convention Bureau

Mickey Espada
Director, Branding Puerto Rico Initiative

Estela Ortiz-Agilu
Director, Ballet Folklorico Areyto de Puerto Rico

It is common to hear the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words. But, what happens when this “picture” represents a country? Puerto Rico’s modern image is usually tied to alcohol, beaches, crisp warm weather, music and dancing. How have different industries (Tourist, cultural, and artistic) played on that image?

By exploring the intricate relations between Puerto Rican culture(s), its public image, and economy, this panel questions and challenges the ways in which Puerto Rico has been “branded.” Tourist, cultural, and artistic industries will each present their particular perspective on the subject, thus launching a discussion on the effect of media on Puerto Rico’s image and how it “sells” to the rest of the world.

Panelists will state their perspective on how their industries have contributed to the development of Puerto Rico’s image, and share new strategies for having a positive impact on the island’s economy and society’s wellbeing. Following initial presentations, the moderator will ask the panel a series of questions. The last portion will be open to questions from the audience

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