PR Moda was held on the Expo Center of the Caribe Hilton Hotel at San Juan on April 28-29, 2011. This event was created and directed by Karina Fernández, President of PR Moda, former model and successful executive, who is much respected in the Puerto Rico fashion industry. Its main purpose was to obtain funds for the Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital. This type of event is an excellent way to prove that fashion is not a vain business; but an art that exalts the senses and the spirit.

Thursday, April 28th

Hernán Zajar- Colombia
In exuberantly colored dresses Zajar exploited the “al bies” cuts and mixed it up with tribal accents. Also, “crochet” was widely used, which enriched the texture of the pieces. Flamboyant and elaborate handmade accessories like bracelets, and bags hit the spot creating a mixture of the classic feminine with the modern ethnic trend. His participation had a glorious ending when Miss Universe 2003, Amelia Vega, made a voluptuous black and white dress dance. She owned the stage and made Zajar’s proposal even more impressive. Bravo!

Mayela Camacho- Venezuela
Españolísimo! Camacho’s proposal had an Iberian feeling to it. Her interpretation of glamour is so natural, so simple that is completely new. Long skirts, sensual palazzos gave a distinct flare to the collection. She is indeed a designer that really understands what it means to be a woman! Enchanting work.

Friday, April 29th

Robert Flores-República Dominicana
Flores’ menswear proposal on this event was absolutely flawless! He made clothings that are daring yet classical. With an almost entirely black collection, Flores left the audience in awe. Hooded formal jackets were refreshing. The suits were characterized by a very minimalistic cut in jackets as well as in pants. Red velvet accents made this collection unforgettable and unexpected. The detailing of the terminations was impeccable.

Sully Bonnelly – New York
Mr. Bonnelly who is very famous among other achievements for his cooperation with the series “Sex & the City”, brought his Muse Collection to premier at PR Moda. There were many cocktail dresses, simple and classical cut. Capes and head wraps completed most of the looks. Sequins were on dresses, skirts and jackets. In a nutshell, all the pieces were very beautiful and elegant. Great performance!

Agatha Ruíz de la Prada-Spain
Agatha is one of the most versatile designers in the world. She is not bounded exclusively to the needle and thread. Her designs are spreading around the world and are widely recognized. We can enjoy them in almost everything. We can live in them. Her presentation in Puerto Rico was a gift for the senses. Divine colorful pieces were a feast for the eyes. They made me feel joyous for being a woman. Personally, I loved the shoes and the glasses! No one else can make shoes like that. The glasses were perfect complement for the Ruíz de la Prada look. They were very Agatha in style; full of color, daring, fun and unique. What an honor!

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