Not FestivalYou can’t miss the two intensive weeks of events featured by Not Festival: On Horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)antic things project. This event has been created by #rd Class Citizen, the artist Luis Lara Malvacias in asociation with Movement Reasearch, The Greenspan Center in Williamburg and the Gallery Galuo.

Not Festival presents exhibitions, performance, screening, workshops, contemporary dance classes, open creation discussions, conversations, jams  and party.

“The purpose of the Not Festival : On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anic things project is threefold. First, it is a continuation of Luis Lara Malvacías’s interest in creating collaborative and multidisciplinary events that invite cross-cultural exploration for both participants and audience.  Second, it is a powerful stimulus to the participating artists that offers them the opportunity to share their ideas and to discuss topics that are relevant to contemporary art and dance today.  Finally, the event fosters the formation of a network of artists who can create similar projects in the future in other parts of the world.”

Not Festival will be presented from September 24 – October 8, 2011 at Ainslie St. Brooklyn, 11211.