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Fabryka = art, experimentation, sometimes edgy machine driven melodies with powerful and beautiful voice, trip-hop, contemporary, spiced with electronica. If its the first time you hear this name this Itallan group represent every descriptions here and a whole lot more. If you have heard them, then you know what im talking. This group combine many elements from the european electro scene, trip hop at it best, with some elements of lounge, pop, some folk tunes.

To many of us that still remembers from time to time the music from the ’80, it is possible to find traces of many famous acts of that time. If you were a fan of that famous spanish band Mecano, then this group must be part of your music collection, the same apply if you are follower of sounds like Portished, indie rock, Bjork, Bitter Sweet, etc.

Trance Liquido :: What is Fabryka?

A little spot in the sky, a fairy tale, a sad story, A little boy and a little girl, jumping together. A cold landscape, a cosy landscape. Colours and noise, when you cry out loud, supernovas, whispers, fears, feelings you can’t deny, electric world, crystal lakes. Breathless.

The project “FABRYKA? begins at the end of 2004, when Stefano Milella (programming, synth, drums ), Tiziana Felle (vocals, guitars), Giovanni Chiapparino (piano, drums, accordion, vibes), Agostino Scaranello (bass, double bass, effects) and Pasquale Luisi (visual maker) get together. The project aspires to the happy blending of acoustic and electronic music, of researched and off of the cups visuals, all performed or re-created on stage, trying to overcome the separation between reality and fiction, fairy tales and raw matter, words and metaphores.

One of the FABRYKA’s possible definitions is: the exact moment in which different faces of the same espression live together. The band’s name is taken from a Kieslowski’s doc-movie, but it is also inspired by the idea of Art as a Factory, as an assembly line where little pieces are assembled into a product, in which its story, the phases of production are not yet readable: as often happens in Art between thought and expression, feeling and showing, imagination and action.
that’s what we are.

What’s the biggest difference between FABRYKA today and FABRYKA in the begininngs?

I think the difference is to be found in the love for what we create. it’s growing up more and more.. Trying to find new sounds, working hard on the songs, paying a particular attention to performaces and arrangements.

Im pretty amazed at how you combined so many styles like triphop, lounge, pop and electronica and yet it comes fresh, stylish and very provocative. What artist is inspiring you at the moment ?
There’s no one particolar artist. We listen to electronic music for example Lali puna, Styrofoam, Telefon tel aviv, Bjork, Efterklang.. Indie rock music, jazz music, some italian bands and songwriters .
It could be weird, but we have different musical tastes. Maybe this is the reason why you told me about our style as fresh as provocative.

How would you describe the album Testing Toys in two words?

Dreamy and contemporary.

As i hear Legoland from Testing Toys i was unable to just listen the song once, i have to play it over and over and over… It it something that you rarely do with the american music (now that the music industry is creating their own version of puppet artist, like A_ _ _ _ _ _n Idol) How is the support you receive from your own country fan base?

Well.. when we talk about Italian music industry, i guess it’s quite like American one. i mean the majors have the same rules everywhere. In Italy we have very few indipendent labels that it’s a big problem for who is trying to play something new and original. We are supported from our country fan base. Many people appreciate our music and it’s great for us.

Is America receptive to your music?

I hope so! Few months ago we were among the top artists on an important American music site American people appreciate our music, we have american fans too. By the way, you could find us on too. I know it is so pop in America!

The fact that you are inspired by the idea of art as a factory have something to do with your style of music?

Yes, of course. When i chose the name of the band, there was a sort of strange link between the name Fabryka and what we’re doing, what we’re playing. I imagined the coldness of a factory, maybe situated in a nordic landscape. This is what you can think listening Stefano electronic sounds. We try to communicate the idea of art as a factory also in our melancholic melodies and tunes.

Do you ever worry that you’ll lose your inspiration?

Ever…why should we think about it now? We’re at the beginning!

Are there any plans for a concert in America?
Not now.But we’d like to have some gigs in America. It could be fantastic.

So what next for you all?

There’re some brand news about Fabryka. We’re working for a new Italian fashion company (i can’t tell you the name of the company, it’s a secret!). It’s very intriguing how the way in which fashion and music could be mixed together lately.

We’re currently joining a music competition: “Musicultura festival? in Macerata (Italy). It’s one of the most important italian music competitions, so we hope to win it. You could help us voting on

We continue to create new songs and organizing a good live set.

Fabryka has been also choosen for a short American Film, “ THE FALLING SKY ? , directed by JOSHUA GARITY. It will be out in june. I can’t tell you more.we’re working on it now. If you want to know anything new about us , you could visit our site

Band Members:

  • Stefano Milella: programming, synth, drums
  • Tiziana Felle: vocals, guitars
  • Giovanni Chiapparino: piano, drums, accordion, vibes
  • Agostino Scaranello: bass, double bass, effects
  • Pasquale Luisi: visual maker

Official Website:
Listen and Download the album Testing Toys here.

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