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Carlos Irizarry En Candela

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Carlos Irizarry En Candela! makes its first appearance at CIRCA, the Caribbean’s only international contemporary art fair. Staying true to its innovative and multi-disciplinary approach, Carlos Irizarry En Candela! invigorates the fair with its presentation of works by a dynamic group of artists who explore and blur the boundaries between art, life, and pop culture.

Carlos Irizarry En Candela! will feature works by Lee Quinones, a painter who bridges the gap between street and commercial art and Dzine, an artist and record label owner, creates abstract and vibrant paintings incorporating details from art and music. José Parlá extracts and synthesizes fragments of fluid urban environments, reproducing them through the materials and methods of architectural construction and Rostarr, uses an expression he calls “Graphysics”, a combination of Graphic design and quantum physics to communicate nature and human physiology through various media. And Swoon, inspired by both art historical and folk sources which range from German Expressionist wood block prints to Indonesian shadow puppets, uses cut paper to play with positive and negative space in conceptually driven explorations of street experiences.

Also on view at Carlos Irizarry En Candela! as part of the gallery’s emerging artist roster are works by artists, Logan Hicks who often uses live demonstrations of his painstaking stenciling process to create his large scale paintings; Robi Bear, a street artist turned designer who now owns Wadada, a design company and clothing label, presents intricate works on paper; and Sofia Maldonado, a native of Puerto Rico and an artist inspired by her country and the natural environment.

A solo show by Vargas-Suarez Universal will be on view at the gallery’s Calle San Sebastian space for the duration of the fair. Like the Candela Music Festival, Carlos Irizarry En Candela!’s contemporary art offerings are truly for those who dig deep into life.

If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information on Carlos Irizarry En Candela! please contact Pablo Rodriguez at or visit:

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