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A hidden gathering in the Apartment Show


A hidden gathering in the Apartment Show

Its a good thing to have friends but its better to be part of something. We were invited to a private art show, so secret that there were no Cultureta sniffing around to see what was about. The show was… well, a showing of a private collection, a nice one I must say but at the same time it looks to me as an excuse to have interesting people gathering together.

Most of the presents were artists, photographers and bloggers and while all of us were just chatting all the night, it was undeniable the fact that we were surrounded by valuables artworks from local as well as international artists, and here are some of them…

* Photos from: Pedro Velez...

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  1. Geranio Nieves says:

    asumo que hablas español. Si me equivoco disculpa mi ignorancia. Tengo mucho interés en saber como llegas a manos de este artista. Me explico cual es tu relacióncon él, si prolongada, como le conociste? Como ha sido su vida, cuando nace, porque muere, que dice?

    Ese tipo de detalles que a un humano le importa saber.

  2. Este articulo no es sobre una persona o un artista… Es para mostrar parte de las obras que alli habian…

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