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2012+ at The DROP: Urban Art Infill


THE DROP: 2012+

THE DROP: 2012+ (Imagen Suministrada The Drop: Urban Art Infill ©)

The Drop: Urban Art Infill presents the special exhibition 2012+ curated by Alexandra Chang and Mie Iwatsuki. The title is partly coined from the Mayan calendar, indicating an upcoming shift from one phase of life to something new about to take shape. As the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012, a certain sense of impending urgency is represented by this number when coupled with the current global realities of climate change. And what is felt locally and individually can potently highlight our participation within a global society. Yet the symbol “+” is also a call to contemplate and seek possibilities to envision what can be.

The 2012+ exhibition investigates the relationship of the urban-based artist and city dweller to their environs, from the city, to how they situate themselves in relationship to the environment on a global level. Each artist presented in the show contemplates their link to their notion of the environment in a unique way. By including both urban space as well as the natural environment within this realm, these artists take into account a point of view specific to the city dweller.

Some art may take on the urgency of a last warning, or contemplation of the politics that results in dystopias of environmental and societal disaster. Some may seek to present elements of harmony, an ideal state of nature, and coexistence, ushering in ideas of optimism or a possible utopia. While others may be meditative on the closeness or elusiveness of these ideas in everyday urban existence.

The special exhibition 2012+ is situated within the frameworks of the daylong art festival

THE DROP: URBAN ART INFILL, a series of planned indoor and outdoor art projects, including the best in New York’s independent music, fashion, art and design, creating dialogue in the New York community about our relationship to art, the city and the greater global environment.

Artists participating in the 2012+ exhibition are:

  • Yoko Ono
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Paul D. Miller
  • Mamoru Oshii
  • ON Megumi Akiyoshi
  • John Ahearn
  • Rainer Ganahl
  • Luis Mallo
  • Chen Ching-Yao
  • Ali Hussain
  • Mikael Levin
  • Jing Ai
  • Nayia Frangouli
  • Raquel Rabinovich
  • Julian Montague
  • Julia Chiang
  • Mary Ting
  • Adrian Kondratowicz
  • Peter Garfield
  • Sungmi Lee
  • Robert Peretti
  • Mimmo Roselli
  • Seth Carnes
  • Manuel Acevedo
  • Fred Fleisher and Marguerite Day
  • Saya Woolfalk
  • Zhou Yi
  • Hiroshi Sunairi
  • Ula Einstein
  • Midori Harima

Date: Opening and Arts Festival: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

From Noon-5PM
The special exhibition 2012+ will be open through October 17, 2009.

4th Floor Gallery
521 W. 25th Street
Between 10th and 11th Aves
New York, NY



Exhibition Committee


  • Alexandra Chang and Mie Iwatsuki

Curatorial Advisory Board

  • Koan Jeff Baysa
  • Julia P. Herzberg
  • Robert C. Morgan
  • Christopher Phillips
  • Franklin Sirmans
  • Lilly Wei
  • Sally Wu


  • Gloria Sachs

Co-curatorial Committee

  • Ceren Bingol
  • Jonathan Lo
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Marco Raab
  • Noah Riley

Associate Curator

  • Adrienne Lei

Curatorial Assistant

  • Michelle Yee

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